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Orlando Wheelchair Rental

We are the company that brings you support and comfort! With each delivery and pick-up, we experience the satisfaction of knowing we’ve just made someone’s trip more enjoyable, and perhaps even possible.
Bringing the world to you. We believe that you are entitled to choose from all the quality medical products available, therefore we are committed to offering you the best and high-quality products from the best manufacturers in Florida. 
How Do I Rent A Wheelchair Or Scooter?
Our wheelchair and scooter rental process is easy. Simply call us 863-438-7729 and provide the details of your wheelchair or scooter rental.
We simply explain your options and reserve your equipment over the phone. You may also reserve your scooter or wheelchair rental online or view rates by visiting our reservation page. 


Standard electrically powered Orlando wheelchair Rental offer the best mobility in
little spaces in view of their short wheel base. A significant number of our models
can be dismantled for simplicity of transport yet we suggest a SUV or minibus
having a detachable 3 rd line for the best method of moving.
The manner in which you will regulate the powered wheelchairs is with the joystick
situated on the armrest. The further far from the middle you push the joystick, the
quicker you will go. The vast majority of our models offer left or right given controls
relying upon your inclination. The powered wheelchairs will brake naturally when
the joystick is discharged back to the inside position giving added security to the
Some powered wheelchairs models accompany a turning seat and many have
flexible armrests and semi-leaning back backs so you can fit it consummately to
your body. They additionally accompany a footstool that can be collapsed away
when the driver is jumping on and off of the seat.
Your preferred Latest Powered Wheelchairs
Get yourself one of the most recent powered wheelchairs or mobility scooters
accessible and really appreciate the joy you'll feel while riding down the road in
style and solace. Scooters have made some amazing progress as of late and
unwavering quality is second to none making you feel both pleased and sure while
visiting the grandchildren, strolling the pooch, or basically visiting your nearby
Leasing your scooter from Platinum Scooters removes all the problem and stresses
ordinarily connected with owning a scooter as we deal with all upkeep and fixes for
you. This incorporates tires and batteries which would typically be very exorbitant.

Robberies and mishaps on mobility scooters are incredibly uncommon however if
an the unforeseen event happens, its extraordinary to realize that you're completely
secured for each inevitability. Completely far reaching protection is given to the
majority of our clients as standard.

Orlando Wheelchair Rental
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