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Disney Scooter Rental Orlando

Welcome to Platinum Scooters – the nation's number one choice for scooter and wheelchair rentals for mobility enhancement! For travelers with disabilities, mobility scooters provide freedom of movement. The scooter user controls speed and direction. Crowded areas and sidewalks without curb cuts can present challenges, as can bus and taxi travel, because some scooter models are too large to fit into a taxi trunk or work with certain types of wheelchair lifts.
If you are a traveler with mobility issues, but do not own a scooter, you may wish to consider renting one for your next trip and go for our Disney Scooter Rental Orlando services.
You can have the scooter delivered to your home, hotel or cruise ship and have picked it up there at the end of your vacation.


Our portable electric mobility scooters are the perfect decision for use on travels.
Their littler size and outstanding mobility make these scooters ideal for the limited
entryways and spaces you regularly find on voyage ships. Transportable scooters
can likewise fall, break into pieces, and be effectively put away in your stateroom.

The heaviest piece when dismantled ordinarily weighs between 18-27 Kg, which is
altogether not exactly most standard or uncompromising electric scooters. Because
of their littler size, the greatest weight limit for these scooters is up to 147 Kg.
Standard scooters can be furnished with mobility accomplices to enable you to
additionally make the most of your voyage, for example, a bushel, drink holder, and
umbrella. With a movable seat, agreeable tires, lifting arm rests, and a tiller that tilts
forward and back, getting in and out of your scooter is simple and agreeable.
Our main objective at Platinum Scooters is to be the best place to provide Disney
scooter rental Orlando services. We put an uncommon accentuation on our mobility
items since we comprehend that individual autonomy is basic to your personal
Portable folding scooters
Portable folding scooters are shrewdly intended to overlay down in one simple to
deal with piece, making transportation and capacity straightforward. Each portable
folding scooter has Lithium batteries making them alright for air travel and offering
an expanded range over the conventional AGM arrays.
Off road electric mobility scooters
Off road mobility scooters are intended to give mobility off the cleared surfaces
permitting experience and freedom over rougher territories. These scooters give
you the opportunity to do the things you appreciate whether that is drifting, angling,
shooting or puppy walker. These scooters are additionally an incredibly vigorous
type of ordinary transport with long ranges and an agreeable ride.
With many years involvement in the mobility business, we are focused on giving
incredible client benefit and broad item learning consistently. We generally intend
to make it as basic and simple as conceivable to sort out a rental or purchase from
us, on the web or via phone. Our devoted benevolent staff team is cheerful to help
you with any questions you may have.

Disney Scooter Rental Orlando
Disney Scooter Orlando

Disney Scooter Rental Orlando

At Platinum Scooters, we convey many years of experience to our clients. On the off chance that you or a friend or family member experiences difficulty getting around, Platinum Scooters can help.
We offer an assortment of items and administrations for individuals all through Orlando. On the off chance that you just need to utilize gear for a brief timeframe, you can even set aside some cash in the event that you lease more than one bit of hardware. Mobility comes effectively to a few people, yet numerous individuals rely upon mobility hardware consistently to keep up their freedom. One call to Platinum Scooters will place you in contact with
Disney scooter rental Orlando services master who will set aside the opportunity to comprehend your requirements and give an answer. We lease mobility gear from various producers of mobility gadgets to guarantee you're getting quality hardware.

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