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Orlando Scooter Rental

If you weigh over 350 lbs, these are the mobility scooters for you.
We offer three wheeled models to choose from, and some have weight capacities up to 500 lbs.
Our Goal We are in this line of business to help consumers make the right decisions when choosing their mobility scooters thereby making life easier and better for them. Our goal is not to reduce human contact.
Our goal is to offer you the form of help that is best for you, your situation and your home environment.
So call us and our experienced Customer Service staff will be glad to help you on the phone.
Or, you can complete your Orlando Scooter Rental on-line, but know that a real human being with years of experience will still be reviewing your rental details to make sure that everything works together.

Individuals who have lately surrendered driving and experience issues strolling
long separations will locate an electric controlled scooter extremely valuable. There
are various styles of fueled scooters accessible including our four wheeled scooters,
three wheeled scooters and little smaller scooters. Our electrically powered
scooters can dismantle or overlap up to be put into the boot of a vehicle. Others are
extensive and strong with the suspension and battery life to travel long distance
areas. While choosing a controlled scooter the sort of seating, controls, start, speed
and battery limit and kinds of embellishments accessible can change contingent
upon the specific brands.
We are Orlando’s most loved rentals of electric mobility scooter rental services.
Peruse our site to become familiar with our mobility arrangements, the incredible
brands we offer and what settles on Platinum Scooters the debut decision in
wheelchair and scooter rentals. Our scooters include:
Robust and sturdy scooters:
Appropriate for outside and intermittent indoor use. A solid four wheeled scooter
that conveys exact execution with rich comfort. Complete with lights and pointers
making it reasonable for about town.
Portable scooters
Appropriate for outside or indoor use. A four wheeled scooter that camouflages into
four simple to oversee segments. This is finished utilizing a basic get together and
dismantling instrument which can be worked with only one hand.
Appropriate for indoor or outside use. A solid Powerchair which gives sumptuous
solace, execution and astounding mobility both inside and outside. Ideal for both
little spaces and extraordinary difficulties.
Electrically powered wheelchair
An exceptionally prevalent seat reasonable for indoor or open air use.
Lightweight wheelchair
A lightweight collapsing wheelchair offering fantastic compactness.
Platinum Scooters offers short or long term contracts to suit your mobility needs.
Give us a chance to deal with the upkeep, adjusting, devaluation and numerous
different burdens, while you, the client can set back with the genuine feelings of
serenity of realizing that with only one week after week installment, everything
about dealt with for you.

Orlando Scooter Rental
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