Mobility Scooter Rental

Not every person who has mobility difficulties needs a manual wheelchair or power wheelchair.
You may still feel confident when walking around your home and yard but prefer the stability of a wheeled ride when you go out, or you might just need a lift due to a medical condition that is exacerbated by long periods of walking, such as cardiopulmonary deficiencies or arthritis. Whatever your reason, a mobility scooter offers the convenience of a wheeled mobility aid with a higher potential for customization than a wheelchair.
Mobility scooters also have higher top speeds than electric wheelchairs do, so if you want to be able to travel to your destination more quickly, a mobility scooter is the way to go if your medical needs allow for it.
With our mobility Scooter Rental service, we offer you a safe itinerary. 


The majority of our scooters come pre-charged, adjusted and prepared to utilize!
Find out about our wheelchair and mobility scooter rental services or discover
increasingly about leasing a scooter here. We, at Platinum Scooters, offer you
effortless mobility rentals 7 days seven days when you're voyaging. Regardless of
whether you're going to a gathering for business, a get-away or voyage or even
simply require extra mobility help, we can meet any different need.
Platinum Scooters vehicle seat comes standard with mobility extras including swing
without end ottomans and cushioned armrests to give extra solace and back wheel
locks to guarantee security. The vehicle seat additionally effectively creases for
advantageous capacity and transportation. To crumple the seat, essentially pull up
on the adaptable seat and press the armrests together.
Platinum Scooters offers short or long term contracts to suit your mobility needs.
Give us a chance to deal with the upkeep, adjusting, devaluation and numerous
different burdens, while you, the client can set back with the genuine feelings of

serenity of realizing that with only one week after week installment, everything
about dealt with for you.
8mph mobility scooters
Big 8mph mobility scooters permit individuals the opportunity to travel further,
quicker and encounter top-level execution and solace on the streets. With all round
suspension, full lighting and security reflectors these scooters offer the driver an
adaptable autonomy with reaches frequently surpassing 15 miles in a single battery
4mph mobility scooters
Midi 4mph mobility scooters offer the perfect answer for somebody needing to go
on the asphalts, into towns and around the shops. These scooters accompany
propelled highlights and enhanced open air execution however in an increasingly
minimized flexibility bundle.
Platinum Scooters is as the name recommends the national hotspot for mobility and
assistive gear on contract, or buy, offering short or long term rentals for differently
abled people. We have vast range of scooter rentals and wheelchair rentals options.
Contact us today.

Mobility Scooter Rental

Being in a wheelchair can be extreme. Acknowledge the reality, and live completely. Continue getting a charge out of life and don't feel constrained by any means. Get a seat that is agreeable for you. It can have a significant effect. We can assist you with your particular needs and teach you in picking the seat that is directly for you. With the most minimal rates in Orlando adjusting your mobility needs 7 days seven days. Emergency or crisis administrations are constantly accessible. We offer mobility scooter rental pickup and conveyance to campgrounds, homes, inns, resorts, nursing homes, historical centers, providing food lobbies, eateries, theater, medical clinics, recovery focuses, voyage ports, ships, assembly halls, fields, gambling clubs,
sightseeing, occasions, conferences, corporate occasions, arenas, and so forth. We give a wide range of mobility gear for rentals. A portion of the things we lease all the
time incorporate collapsing wheelchair, light weight transport seat, hard core mobility scooter, and so on.

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